Skateparks – Waves Of Concrete

A colourful and high-quality guide to the world’s most beautiful skateparks, created by the world’s best designers, architects and urban planners. Compiled and put on paper by David Andreu and Luka Melloni and available here. We are included with our favourite projects from Munich and Hof.

Redevelopment case becomes a work of art


In the 4/2022 issue of IAKS Sport‘s international journal for sports facilities and leisure facilities, sb, we present the design and concept of the skate park in the Hirschgarten in Munich. In the article, Dr. Veith Kilberth uses the example of this project to explain how and why especially the artistic-aesthetic design, beyond the sporty-functional […]

Veith Kilberth im Interview mit dem SOLO Skateboard Magazin


Das SOLO Skateboard Magazin hat sich mit Dr. Veith Kilberth über seine vor Kurzem veröffentlichte Dissertation ‘Skateparks – Räume für Skateboarding zwischen Subkultur und Versportlichung’ unterhalten. Im Interview spricht der LNDSKT Mitbegründer und ehemalige Profi Skateboarder von Think Skateboards über Ziele und Bedeutung der Doktorarbeit. Wie sieht es mit der Zukunft der Halfpipe a s? Wo, wann […]

Skatepark Design Inspired by Skateboarding’s DIY Culture


The international magazine for sports facilities and recreational sites published by IAKS Sport hosted a guest article about the LNDSKT Project Skatepark Berlin Lichtenberg in its April 2020 issue. According to the overall topic of the issue, ‘Activating Urban Spaces’, the article details how LNDSKT incorporates socio-cultural aspects of skateboarding into the planning process for […]

Skatepark Saarbrucken – A Skatepark Meeting Olympic Standards?


In light of skateboarding’s debut as an Olympic discipline, we contributed a critical guest article in issue 03/2019 of Playground @ Landscape Magazine. The main question is whether skateboarding’s inclusion in the 2020 Tokyo Games will have a direct impact on the design process and planning of skateparks in Germany (and beyond). The Olympics are […]

Skateboarding at the Intersection Between Subculture and the Olympics


LNDSKT co-founder Veith Kilberth counts among the publishers of a book exploring the relationship between skateboarding and the Olympics. Published in 2019, the book charts the subcultural development of skateboarding all the way into a competitive sport from the perspective of various scientific disciplines. It is highly likely, that this evolution will have an impact […]

7 Reasons Why Brands and Retailers Should Invest in Local Skate Parks


In the article ‘7 Reasons Why Brands and Retailers Should Invest in Local Skate Parks’ in Boardsport SOURCE magazine, we learn about the role of industry support for public skatepark projects. Next to best-practice examples from recently implemented parks, the article shows models for industry sponsors to get involved. What’s more, the story emphasizes the […]