User-oriented Skatepark Design.

LNDSKT is founded and operated by skateboarders.

What we offer?

We offer individual skatepark design according to HOAI work stages 1-9 (Official Fee Scale for Services by Architects and Engineers). Designed with great attention to detail, our skateparks require minimal maintenance. Our designs always prioritize the goals of our clients and the needs of end users.

How we work?

Based on client goals, local user needs, expert opinions, and our own experience, LNDSKT creates holistic concepts for state-of-the-art skateparks. As a skatepark planning and consulting company, our high quality service promise follows six core principles:

State of the Art

Modern-day, progressive, and forward-looking skatepark designs are our specialty.

Essentials First

Designs fit to stand the test of time by incorporating classic skatepark elements that have proven indispensable over the years.


Flow is Key

Coherent arrangement of skatepark features in terms of size and constellation for optimal flow.


Green is Beautiful

Integration of landscaping, greenery, and natural site features for an aesthetically pleasing overall experience.


Respect the Culture

Catering to specific socio-cultural aspects of a park’s user groups during planning will significantly enhance the user experience. It also heightens the skatepark’s potential to become accepted as an interdisciplinary meeting point.


Skateboarding is Fun

Our parks are planned and designed to provide maximum enjoyment to all users – from beginners all the way to seasoned pros. Fun is our most important common denominator.


Social Aspects

With the main goal of orienting skateparks towards the greater common good, the planning of our facilities includes the following three social aspects in terms of skatepark design:

1. Broad User Group
(Skate, BMX, WCMX, etc.)

2. Inter-Generationalität
(from young to old)

3. All Performance Levels
(from novice to professional)

Science-based skatepark planning

Our skatepark designs are grounded on scientific insights … [read more]

Who we are?

We are a team of skateboarders, landscape architects, concept designers, and planners united by a shared passion for skateboarding.

Managing Director

Jonathan Wronn

Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the skateboard industry, Jonathan Wronn uses his know-how in sports and events management to involve all stakeholders – from local skateboarders to municipal officials – in the skatepark planning process.

Managing Director / Concept Design

Dr. Veith Kilberth

An active skateboarder since 1987 and former professional rider for a US-skate company, Veith Kilberth earned his diploma in Sports Science. Combining his active skateboard experience with a conceptual-analytical background, allows Veith to envision innovative and progressive skatepark concepts.

Design Executive / Project Lead

Daniel Schreitmüller

Dani lives skateboarding, everyday, 24/7, on and off the board. He provides the team with the necessary and most recent updates of the skateboarding community and gathers inspiration from all different kinds of environments which he then transforms into state-of-the-art skatepark designs. As an authentic part of the user group, he holds participation workshops and makes sure no ideas of the locals are left behind.

Landscape Architect (BY Architectural Association)

Ulf Glänzer

Accredited as an landscape architect and part of renowned planning offices, Ulf has taken over leads for various national and international projects in the past. With LNDSKT, Ulf is handling technical and architectural tasks throughout all planning stages ranging from pre-planning to construction supervision.

Landscape Architect (NW Architectural Association)

Tobias Zwickler

As accredited landscape architect since 2008, Tobias has been involved with the conceptualization & implementation of numerous projects on international level.

He handles all architectural services, the integration of designs into the environment as well as technical implementation for all services according HOAI.

Landscape Architect (BY Architectural Association)

Wolfgang Stattmann

As a graduated landscape architect (Dipl.-Ing.) he already led various projects in planning agencies in Germany and abroad. With LNDSKT, Wolfgang’s main tasks are implementation planning, authorisation procedures, tendering, contracting and construction supervisions.

Landscape Architect

Daniel Rüth



Katharina Küsgens

After finishing her architecture studies (Dipl. Ing.) in Cologne, Katharina has been working in structural architecture for 13 years. With both national and international experience at hand, she supports the LNDSKT planning team mostly in pre-, design- and implementation planning.

Skateboard Expert

Norbert Szombati

As a former professional skateboarder, Norbert has set his wheels on skateparks and spots across the entire world. What’s more, his work as Creative Director at a skateboard agency as well as a skateboard festival puts him in touch with international skateboarders, creatives, industry representatives on a daily basis. In his job at LNDSKT, Norbert supplies the skatepark planning team with a constant stream of fresh creative ideas and is mainly focused on digital marketing as well as social media and catalysts.

Architect (CAU, Brasil)

Eduardo Natário

Eduardo’s relationship with skateboarding goes back to the early 80ies. In the year 2000 he has started planning skatepark as certificated architect. Since then, he has been involved in the realization of more than 200, both public and private, skatepark projects in Brasil.

Since July 2019 he’s enhancing our team with his long-term experience and specialized expertise in planning bowls, snakeruns and flow in general. With Eduardo you are on the safe side when it comes to the sophisticated aligning of radii, angles and materials.